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Mojo Logo: Creating a Website Logo

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Given my ongoing furlough, I’ve spent a fair amount of time reflecting and collecting my thoughts for the future. This, coupled with some great opportunities, led me to the creation of my website. The main goal was to have one place to showcase all my work, a digital portfolio if you may. Additionally, I wanted this space to be a resource, somewhere that I could share the tips and tricks I’ve gleaned along the way, and highlight some of the talented individuals I know as well.

The one major aspect I knew I was going to need help with wasn‘t this website or the content, it was the logo. Something so important to every business or brand, something I wanted to work on with a person close to me. My hometown amigo, Conner, was the first to pop in my mind of course as he’s done previous work for my Instagram. I knew it would be nothing short of exactly what I wanted, throwing inspiration out like ”Chanel Number 5” or “Kate Somerville skincare”. I wanted something clean and simple, ”high-end but like, approachable.”

He delivered the perfect product, and always takes the time to listen while giving his creative input - the utmost importance when collaborating. Below are his original samples. Which ones do you like?

For more graphic design inquiries, reach him at

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