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Good Company, Great Candles

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I think one of my favorite things about working in the creative community is being able to see ideas come to fruition. This is even more exciting when working with your friends or colleagues and being able to see how much people can offer outside their 9 to 5.

Into: Tranquility Jars

My good friend Asha, a true Washingtonian and D.C. native, has always been such a bright light and pleasure to work with. As a single-mother and black-business owner, she is nothing short of the modern day woman who’s style and wit is rivaled by Miranda Priestley or Michelle Obama. After a busy day of working and closing business, it’s no surprise that she herself has always enjoyed winding down with a glass of wine and a gorgeous smelling candle.

Today, Asha has taken that passion for self-care and chanelled it into her own collection of nontoxic, hand-poured, natural soy candles with scents that will help calm or invigorate your mood. A recent release I’m absolutely obsessed with: Citrusy Spicy. Imagine you’re under the stars, maybe on vacation, enjoying a nice glass of sangria on a cool summer evening.

Needless to say, her products speak for themselves. I highly encourage you keep Tranquility Jars in mind next time you’re looking to get a gift or candle and support local, black-owned, female-owned business.

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