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Did Somebody Say, Kara Cakes?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

My dentist would probably be the first to tell you about my sweet tooth, and then my mother. As this is 100% true, I‘m all ears when we’re talking about baked goods. That’s why I’ve been keeping an eye on my friend Kara, whom I met during my time working with Marriott. Her cake business, appropriately named Kara Cakes, sells ”cakes by the pound” with quality, homemade recipes. I had seen her Cravings worthy desserts on her instagram, @ilovekaracakes, and had to get my fix so we partnered up. Photos for cake? I’m in.

We ended up shooting on an early June evening while I watched her bake magic, barely able to keep my mouth closed while shooting. From the fresh ingredients to the obvious skill and craft, she made some of her staples including Sweet Potato, Red Velvet and Lemon Pound Cake. I personally found her “Mini’s” to be a winning product, perfect for events or business clients.

If you’re looking to bring something to your next intimate gathering or send to a loved one, these cakes are it. They are nothing short of indulging to the palette as they are to the eye.

Order yours today!

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