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  • Sean M.

COVID Creativity

As the encroaching pandemic began in early spring of 2020, I quickly knew the digital world would change. One of the challenges I saw as a content creator was being able to produce new content without risking the exposure of myself or others. As someone who prides themselves in constantly creating something new for my following, this was going to be hard, or so I thought.

Some of my favorite artists typically shoot their work in studios, or in their home, so why couldn’t I do the same? Well, that’s exactly what I did. Of course there were some key things I needed: a blank wall (check), good lighting (thank you Phillips Hue smart bulbs) and a bit of ingenuity. The following photos are some of my most genuinely expressive work yet, all shot and digitally altered from home. This goes to show that anyone can create great work, it just takes a little bit of inspiration and a lot of patience.

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