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Cocktail O’Clock: Dark Cherry Frosé

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Hoping to put a little light-heartedness in July after June being a time of learning, advocacy and growth, I wanted to do something for the 4th without actually celebrating the 4th. Although some may find this anti-patriotic or whatever venom they spew, I’ve just never really liked red, white and blue.

We decided to trade in our American flag this year for the Pride flag, and formally celebrated with a little dinner of no more than 6. My one friend, Court, offered to make a lovely frozen drink a week ahead of time, hoping to redeem herself for her previously attempted cocktail gone-bad. Either way, an angel, as frozen drinks take prep and time and are so refreshing in the DC heat.

Now, it’s Saturday morning, I’m beginning to clean the house like per usual, which quickly spills over into the afternoon. We were starting at 4 or 5 so I wanted to check in and give my friend Court a call, only to find out she opted to ditch her cocktail plan and grab something from the store. Convenient, right?

As we’d been waiting a week to try this prolific frozen cocktail, I decided I was going to craft my own with the 4 hours I had. I quickly landed on Frosé as I had never tried, compared recipes, and made my own Dark Cherry Frosé:

1 bottle of Rosé wine

1/4 cup vodka

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup fresh dark cherries

1 large lemon

1 muffin pan - secret weapon

First grab your clean muffin pan and equally divide the Rosé between, this will speed up freezing time. Halve and de-pit your cherries, filling the bottom of each cup. The cherries add flavor, texture and most importantly, color. Once complete, wrap and place in freezer. Next combine 1/2 cup of sugar with 1/2 cup water over medium heat, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool while Rosé freezes (4-6 hours).

Once your Rosé and cherry “muffins” have frozen, throw them in a blender with the 1/4 cup of vodka, juice of 1 lemon, simple syrup, and 1 cup of ice. Blend until smooth and serve. Garnish with cherries in a coupe or wine glass and enjoy, cheers!

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