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City Escape: Mattapoisett, MA

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As the summer days drew on and Covid lingered over head, I decided to take the opportunity to visit my parents outside of Boston in the South Coast. Originally from the suburbs of D.C., my family has escaped the August heat ever since I can remember. The destination? Our quaint little beach cottage located on Buzzard’s Bay in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Originally a 1-floor home, the 2nd floor addition greatly impacted the livability and ROI, as well as adding solar panels on the roof for renewable energy.

For me, visiting up there is pure nostalgia. It is one of those places where as a kid you can run around freely without the worry of “strangers” or as an adult strolling down the gravel streets with your red solo cup in hand. We ride bikes, get seafood, layout and just relax, not in any particular order. Your daily alarm is usually the sound of birds over waves, then you end the day with a bonfire or bocci ball (sometimes both).

We have so many amazing memories here and it’s always tough to say goodbye, but knowing it’s always there makes it a little bit easier.

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